Monday, September 26, 2005

the other counter

a ghost piece of paper passes time collects another
passes passion collects collects naming a familiar
engages in concerned about expection
about duplications exceeded by extensions
passes passing extension duplications of shapeless reiteration
past oblivion past the familiar past reiteration and memory

I remember everyone’s message everything passion
packed in asbestos integrated vacillation some call a vacation
something that pleases corners and repeats

I am near the back I am the back near a corner repeating myself
behind myself now nearly now violence
now a corner from start to from slaughter to another end starts the next

repeating someone keeps stomping a commons
wondering perhaps theoretical perhaps technical maybe a fiat destination

both empathic and dead both both being anonymous sacrilege and carnage
guilty of calm guilty of guilt and clinging

aloft naked against speaking anonymous repeating concrete


Blogger redbird said...

A brainstorm experiencial in this moment response:

Wow! The energy in this! The strike down! The forward energy "passes" and the untouchable event of "past." The insanity/chaos/danger/monotony/blindness/brutality of world and procesing it, moving "behind myself," erase and repeat, the bombardment of evils. Theory, action, stingers, the tangible and intangible in confusion, and then to stop at "concrete."

"reapeating concrete"--action blocked and yet the block in action.

"anonymous repeating concrete" -_authored unauthorized.

"speaking anonymous repeating concrete--there is a speaker there is not a name it is everyone or someone lost in the everyone repeats, everything heavy, solid, blocked.

"against speaking anonymous repeating"--against speaking...against speaking anonymous...against speaking anonymous repeating...against concrete

"naked against"--the raw reality vs. what is (un)spoken over and over like brainwashing...but then...what is concrete but raw reality?

"aloft naked against"--up in the air naked, vulnerable and powerful

"clinging" and "back" and "dead" and "time collects" vs. "passion" and "extension" and "vacillation" and or not vs. --interchangeable, this side and this and this and this

Is the repetition a propaganda or a multiplying of something growing? Or both and neither? The repetition of violence? The repetition of silence, of lost protest, of protesting multiple losses, of voices, of media messes, of guilt, of inactivity (vacation), or not seeing, or seeing too much too often...?????

"repeating myself" --many selves, or saying the same thing again, (duplication or recreation?) --or accumulation and losing track?

expectation and passes

"both emphatic and dead"

empty outcries, complaints but no action

pleasure during wartime

mass disaster and ego, saving face

bodily violence and theory


The piece speaks to me. Thank you kari.

1:53 AM  
Blogger kari said...

thank you.

4:04 AM  

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