Saturday, November 12, 2005

the border lands

held captive
behind locked
shatter proof transparency
in tribal border lands
roads disappear to rubble
rebuilt by sari wielding
haulers of stone
and pickax
slowly hand held
hot tar is sprayed to
black glistening linear
in sweltering shell
peering eyes surround us
an entire village
peers between the cracks
in awe of these strangers
with one finger
bodies are repelled
wielding only
the power of a finger
the encampment reacts
a simple gesture
unknown powers
who are these strangers?
but in time
connections are formed
a pause
to say
I see you
seeing me
simple hand games
to say
yes, I understand
one finger to five
a greeting
the games continues
silent relationships
are formed
emerges a lone female
outranked by the many
gawking males
one lone female
attempts to connect
knowing similarities
and difference
some dreamed
some never mentioned
on the border land
with only
eyes and hand
to speak


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