Sunday, November 27, 2005

fixing to go xarzy

this is the sometime time
where somewhere
no nation can
no details
plastered in deadline
chance unmovable
island expansive

we have it
the good
the harbor
opportunities replaces
position and title
so note the time
it may not last

the mud fills our lungs
the rains never stops
below clouded whereabouts
calculate payments maintained
everything is a
discount patron saint

some say
permanence attempts
global coronation
surrounds this
island sand
burning down
a bronze age
between knotted instances
and does not run
a rusting base asleep
standing still

so, washed to sea
2000 fables
and thirty thousand myths
written on the mouth
to proximity topographical
encased and invaded
by the twentieth church
for more than more
and yes maybe
if one could talk
why not fail
properly off
the girding trail
for a stake
in the dirt
and a universal still


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