Monday, December 05, 2005

and if beyond that washes back

If beyond the self is the self, is the self beyond essential multiworld universal nonescapable caring, curious, creating moment by moment multiple wave forms snaking being into a sensual manifestation of another walking talking piece of dirt, rock, wolf man, assassin, praying salvation childhood romp in a field, not quite a field, expanding rough hewn physical expression of momentary physical dream centers centered in that that has no center, transforming harmony to a determinate other, to another succession of overlapping finite appearances, appearing for the first time beyond anything and fully present in a dying mumbling prayer, thrown to the next baptized wayward fringe of a pale afternoon opportunity, dumb with luck or quivering conscious incantation, sensing joy, sorrow, pleasure, pain, truth, error, good and evil, dissolving over the moment, forming an egocentric appendage realized in transmutable variables, sending and receiving to a self that has no center, only moments of semi-aquatic lucidity.


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