Thursday, December 22, 2005

Subjunctive rearticulation project

Within fairies tales of science and planned gift exchange, delight losses itself in insensible matter and emerges in varied pain, pleasure, love, hatred and indifference to the voice that can no longer call to itself, muted by broadcast practices of possessing, dissolving, and devouring each other attempting to call the self a self, muted in a state of a state emergency, attempting to call out, “there is a real state emergency with large billboards on bodies, a progressive system called, welfare progress, where when at home we can leave famine behind, where there is no place like no home. At lost articles and multiplied adjectives the voice vomits, tends to not believe in remember songs, fairgrounds and price of admission, and calls out, “I remember one who did not speak or move, perfected the art of starring at walls and perished. All the while thinking, “thou shall never, never in a million lists of grievances, never want to inhabit national abstractions,” crying out in a voice that could not call to itself, “listen to the mechanical melody, listen, again and again to the rising coffins at the local shell station, and repeat after me, if we want to get something done, we must ignore that, with all provisions made, the end will still be inconclusive.


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