Thursday, February 09, 2006

Subjunctive rearticulation project

I can not begin to know
producing difference by deferring
second third person construction
in the first third person narrative
promising surrender to the dead
acknowledging, I am an unknown participant
something maybe, something blind
consuming scarcity
producing hunger
gender constructed child
breathing markers
making someone something
scapegoat instance
another perfect occasion
construction of a sentence
as a common sense sentence
out of a many different blank accounts
apparently to produce
a final outcome
newspaper flyspeck
on the edge of an abstract noun
sliding to affirmation and prayer
speaking of poverty
in an industrial word
industry in a poverty stricken world
where the lakes, rivers and oceans
are no longer where the lakes, rivers and oceans
where in the beginning
mud covered by death
in the end
hunger covered by death
that is made of mud
that lives in our body
searches for holiday camps
for the spiritually
slowly dissolving
unconscious foundations
into another foundation
making prayer
making walls
driven by intelligence
generating forms by
generating form
by creative design
unlearning exclusion
monetary reward
for transcendental workshops
on monetary rewards
for the transcendental
prayer wall
driven by intelligent design
producing the wheel
my own personal
distinct division
functioning with best regards
with a limited engagement
this time otherwise individual
other wise knowing other wise
not knowing
another other
limited by death
desire and
deep unacknowledged incapacity
producing a body else where
in the first second and third person
another, otherwise attempt
to produce another attempt
at not producing another
otherwise million rounds
of corrective pity, shame
and tenure entrenchment
hoping for a something
better come faster
sooner than something
driven by intelligence


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