Thursday, February 02, 2006

Suspect Thoughts seeking work


Issue 17: The Still Life Issue

The online edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines still life as a picture consisting predominantly of inanimate objects, or the category of graphic arts concerned with inanimate subject matter. In other words: exquisite paintings in which nothing happens. Too much contemporary fiction is similar: beautifully wrought, ultimately inert. Character-driven work is great, if the characters have things to say and do, if events occur, if action unfolds… if the story has a plot. 

There, I said it: I'm looking for a plot, or at least something that resembles a narrative arc. I'm not looking for literary lemons and skulls and apples and candles decaying gorgeously on the page. I want you to subvert genre. Turn literature inside out, darkly. And maintain the reader's interest. 

Although the story doesn't have to be about art, I want you to title your slice of subversive creative brilliance something along the lines of "Still Life with __________" or "Landscape with _____________". Start with one of those traditional painting titles, have your way with it, and make it your own.
Original work preferred 
500 – 5000 words, query for longer 
suspect thoughts: a journal of subversive writing is not a paying market 
Submission deadline April 15, 2006 

Email submissions only:
Include your name and contact info on the first page of the manuscript 
In your subject line: SUSPECT THOUGHTS, [first & last name], "Title" 
Use a serif font like Courier, Times, or Book Antiqua


Drag Kings Short Story Erotica
Amie M. Evans and Rakelle Valencia, editors
Suspect Thoughts Press

We want to create an anthology of realistic stories involving drag kings on or off stage. In a dressing room, a parked car, a hotel room. All the glamour, or lack there of, that dressing up like a man, performing for a screaming (or lame) crowd, traveling in intimate circumstances with other performers, or meeting all those fine women and bois who yell to take it off, that leads to sex, sex, sex. Or tell us tales of the hooking up that happens at these gigs between co-performers or lusty fans looking to bed their favorite kings. And make your story HOT.

1) Submissions should be fictional short stories, lesbian in content, no less than 1,500 words and no more than 6,000 words, and must be typed (preferably in Times New Roman, 12 font), double-spaced, and printed on one side of the page only.

2) Submit TWO HARD COPIES, INCLUDING TWO COVER LETTERS. All manuscripts must be disposable. (If accepted, final manuscript must be submitted on disk.)

3) Name, address, phone number, email address, and word count should appear on the first page.

4) SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope must be provided if you wish to be notified by "snail mail". Others will be notified through email.

5) Unpublished and previously published materials will be considered at a pay rate of $75 for originals and $25 for reprints. Contributors will receive two copies of the book.
Submit stories to:
Amie M. Evans/Rakelle Valencia
33 Campbell Street
Woburn, Ma 01801

SUBMISSION GUIDELINE: Suspect Thoughts Press


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