Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Horace Coleman

Notes for the Veteran's War Protest

Ralph: concerning plans for the local march, the following:

1. Saw the weary demonstration in Washington, the burning faces of our sad boy warriors throwing their medals at the president.

2. Think we should emulate but not copy, so: when the delegation arrives at the state capitol first read the petition:

"We are not afraid to kill. We are sorry we murdered our souls. We did as told but we learned how to say NO! Stop it. Or we will stop you. Don't resist. You can't stop the ghosts you made of us."

Next, have those who lost legs crawl forward and neatly stack them. Then bowl the skull of your best killed buddy down the aisle.

Finally, have the blind push the quadruplegics forward (they will have knives in their teeth to give to the legislators
to use on themselves). We leave. If they don't use them we come back.


PS. Save the instructions for your grandkids. They'll come in handy.


from The Sixties Project


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