Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Guillaume Appolinaire's "There Is"

There is this ship which has taken my beloved back again

There are six Zeppelin sausages in the sky and with night
coming on it makes a man think of the maggots from which the
stars might some day be reborn

There is this enemy submarine slipping up beneath my love

There are one thousand young pinetrees splintered by the
bursting of the same shells falling around me now

There is this infantryman walking by completely blinded by
poison gas

There is the obvious fact that all that is happening here was
hatched a long time ago in the intestinal trenches of Nietzche
Goethe and the metaphysicians of the town of Cologne

There is the obvious fact that I'm dying over a letter which
has thus far been delayed

There are in my wallet various photos of my beloved

There are prisoners marching past with anxious faces

There is this artillery battery with its faithful servants
hurrying among the gunsmore..


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