Tuesday, April 04, 2006


We are pleased to announce the online launch of INVISIBLE-5, a self-guided critical audio tour of the I-5 corridor in California between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

A collaboration between three artists and two organizations, INVISIBLE-5 traces the invisible toxic landscapealong the interstate through stories of people and communities fighting for environmental justice along the route, set against natural, social and economic histories.

The project combines the voices of resident-activists, fenceline neighbors, community organizers, farmers, historians, writers, geographers, and advocates, with field recordings, found sound, music, and archival audio.

The entire audio project, including audio files, route and LANDSAT maps, images and background materials can be viewed online or downloaded from www.invisible5.org
The project will also be available in late April as a limited-run two-CD

Visit www.invisible5.org for more information.


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