Thursday, April 27, 2006

Overpriced Musings - by Don Pflaster and abundance is an immutable entitlement in American culture. That is why all my instincts tell me that the age of America is coming to a close, as it must eventually, as all great companies and empires must when they can no longer adapt to the realities of the time. The experiment was good, but poorly managed in the end. Like any behemoth corporation, a country can present the appearance of shining health right up until the point that its own personal Enron CEO runs off with all the money and leaves the rest holding the bag. The most frightening prospect is that of who will fill the power vacuum once this broken down El Camino of a country lacks the funds necessary to pay the interest on its debts and implodes. Please, Lord, let the European Union get their shit together, 'cause otherwise we're all going to be speaking Chinese. more..


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