Friday, May 12, 2006

Anne Waldman's (18 Sep 2001) STATEMENT & PETITION

As a member of USA societal covenants, as Buddhist, as witness and writer I would humbly urge the following to all governments and people in the world. To all those in power who have a "say" in ther matter & also to all the "little people". May all voices be heard in the aspiration and deep hope for peace. And may others articulate their hopes, fears, insights and demand a sane response to recent events in our world.

• Pray for and keep in mind those innocent US citizens recently killed as a result of terrorist attacks, but also those innocents who have died in Israel/Palestine and in other parts of the world in unwarranted wars/attacks of all kinds, caused by US "interests" as well. Consider the suffering that others outside the USA have experienced for centuries.

• Be grateful for all the brave and generous boddhisattvic activity on the part of New Yorkers, and residents of Washington, DC -- those who died serving others. And by extension, all others that serve others in times of crisis.

• Avoid any action that creates further suffering which would include the White House & Pentagon's "systematic war on terrorism" which is already in motion as we breathe. Avoid WAR at all costs. more