Friday, May 05, 2006

Stacy Szymaszek

Kate Greenstreet's interview of Stacy Szymaszek at

Do you believe that poetry can create change in the world?
"Of course I do! And it troubles me how many poets don't think it can (an attitude unique to this country). Words are powerful. Of all the arts, I think poetry makes people the most uncomfortable and I think poetry is the most dangerous to authoritarianism. We need to speak to each other in everyday life, we employ words, for the most part, in a syntactically prescribed order. We read signs, we turn on the TV, our politicians talk to us, it's all propaganda, emotion is commodified and consumed. The poet is in the perfect postion to upset theĀ  linguistic expectation of our society. I agree with George Lakoff's belief that the Republicans keep winning because of their ability to control the language. more..


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