Sunday, June 18, 2006

GLAM is sexy

GLAM is about constructing yourself as sexy not because you are required to do so in order to conform to cultural standards, but because it is possible to do so in ways that will advance the revolution. (2) People who are GLAM are sexy not because they desire to be used as sexual objects within the predefined relationships represented in Pop Culture, but becuase they wish to free themslves of these predefinitions by expressing their sexuality in a powerful way. (3) Having once decided that it is unnecessary and self-destructive to enclose one's sexuality within the possible permutations of desire presented to us, it is a realization of unlimited revolutionary potential to discover the power available in the irreverent and self-conscious use of pre-existing sexual signifiers.more...

from The Dyke rescue unit

ByThe Fabulous Lady Miss Jessica + The Fabulous Lady Miss Julia


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