Wednesday, June 07, 2006

it occurs to fill the pain of shame

occurs in an images

occurs for every thinking image

causes respect for worldly position

a corpse regulated formula

sometimes borrowed from lips

sometimes heard though walls

corrupt because

there is another

no longer other

stranger grasping mad

criminally insane

pale liberation

hope monster

vast vortex borne

amid a mass of haze

creative jingo

with ceaseless horizons

the master’s troubled eden

solemn agitation and

tranquil digital crimson

true love

a true self

someone's country god

ornamental tribute

misery's silent massive night

possessing a chance

to posses

accomplished possession

as far as the eye can see

dog devotion

reduced to violent affliction

a whole hearted hell

in a false abyss

purity for perfect


nothing for an

illusional devotion


down a street

named misery


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