Thursday, June 29, 2006

Letters from Simone de Beauvoir

"the general idea is that you should feel yourself free as long as you dont betray our love, whcih could only be done if you really intended to. I fell many unpleasant remorses for having deprived you of some pleasant time. I am ashamed of it...I love you too much in a physical way too not to feel any jealousy, I think should have to be very cold blooded ... not to feel a bad pang in the heart, but this kind of animal instinct does not matter very time you just sleep with the woman if you want to. Nevertheless, I take it as a tender lovely gift that this time you did not. But a gift is not an alimony; nobody is grateful for an alimony because it is due; you owe me nothing, that is why the gift was precious; dont let us make a system with it.. more...

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