Friday, June 02, 2006

What happens when we are the objects of the violence and fetishizations that we study in classrooms with instructors who are not equipped to notice the impact? What happens to the mind-body split that we must perform as a matter of course in academia? What happens when we study and write about autobiography from within our own narratives? What happens when the narrative we study is not just an object on a microscope slide but resonates within our lovers, our sisters, friends, cousins, grandmothers and elders' lives and experiences? Where do we put this excess energy that is the receptacle of the colonial past and has no place in this academic space? What fills up the vacuum that is created in this enormous act of emptying the self of emotional content and triggers because it is not what is done up here? The discourses of personal narrative, artistic expression of self, or emotional outbursts are not part of the Manichean division that privileges words and languages over all else.

An "Uppity" Memoir and some "Cheeky" tips:
On what it is like for me to be a woman of colour at a university whose structure is still predominantly white and Eurocentric in its focus
 By Michelle La Flamme

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