Monday, August 07, 2006

dear all . . .

since I have come back I have started to think I do not belong to "a" community, but shared singularities, with over tones of parasitism . . . and it is true some of this could be very different with time when the real glue of relationships are formed, and it is true with relationships possibilities happens, real human potential, till then it is an undulating sea of grasping, isolation and neurotic responses.   So, it seems I am up against a wall again in an environment filled with capitalistic consumption creating micro time, demarcated by segmented space, gridded out to areas of fluctuating hot zones. Deaths potential is replaced by meaningless purchasable options, that have value with logo aestheticism or some sort of blank political again.. where is there here or there.. where there, relationship exist in post colonial blindness, massive historical assumptions and collective denial held together by touching each others flesh with human caring, or a in a place where there is an objective goal to strive for at all cost till the flesh is discarded..



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