Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Drew Gardner from THE MEDITATIONS

ligare, a ceramic bowl, itself and what it holds 

this harsh of earth we move along in proportion 

to its difficulty, resistance either is 

or has to make, a staying mark away 

who we love, to dismember its one flowing 

by which a name is fault because 

we wilt and what is that, to experience 

a purity, flowers, what shelter differences 

a difference of mystery persists 

or do we protect it into syzygy? 

a bee hovers at the edge of the house

consequence of meaning, not of image 

or power, mora, pulsation in the gamut of 

attenuations, law does not hold it 

total uncertainty, which, within its lake 

is as impossible as measurement is, changes 

over as opposition does to antithesis, a view 

within a pause, to put her husband back together


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