Monday, September 04, 2006

The Nines by Christian Peet

Check out on Palm Press The Nines
by Christian Peet (here , here , and here ).

this is what Chris says about his new book

Begun in response to Words of Mass Deception used to justify the US occupation of Iraq, THE NINES are prose poems/essays derived from appropriated critical, scientific, and instructional texts (dealing with linguistics, Monet, breakdancing, and swine, among other topics). An act of resistance against narrative’s still-popular stranglehold on meaning-making, an indictment of the privileging of the intellect over the senses, THE NINES parody the systems that would have us measure “knowledge and skills such as comprehension, vocabulary . . . geometry, physics, social deconstruction, and the Mayan calendar—only to discover the answer is B) Rod McKuen and Mary Oliver.”
Hand sewn, 36 pages. $10.00 ISBN 0-9743181-6-7


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