Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Swifa za Mahaba - In Praise of Love

Give me a writing board of Indian wood, 

ink and a precious pen, 

let me praise love for you.

It has entered my heart 

forsooth, oh pupil of my eye, 

you are like cool antimony.

I will care for you, come to me, 

like my eldest child, 

your love is not half as strong as mine.

Let me praise love for you 

let me tell you what I feel, 

so that you can look into my heart.

My heart is full of love, 

if it had a lid, 

I would open it for you.

For you I would open it, 

so that you would know my love, 

it is bursting my inmost being.

It is splitting my inside, 

and yet I feel no pain, 

so much do I love you.

Joy is the fruit of love, 

when my purpose 
    [to make you love me] 
 is accomplished 

I will give you a present for life.

I will not leave you all my life, 

until death may follow, 

may we live in mutual affection.


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