Saturday, November 04, 2006


The new issue of DIARAM, street-wise and sassy, is up at:

It includes the following parts (assembly may be required):

:: 6.5 Table of Contents

TEXT by the following excellencies: Gina Abelkop, Corinn Adams, Marco A. Domínguez, Michael Greenberg, Daniel Gutstein, Andrew Kozma, Michael Martone, Erick Nordenson, Brendan O'Connor, Frances Justine Post, Bonnie Roy, D. Antwan Stewart, Tony Trigilio, Caroline Wilkinson, and Brandon A Wyant

REVIEWS of Deborah Bernhardt's Echolalia; S. A. Stepanek's Three, Breathing; Charles Yu's Third Class Superhero

SCHEMATICS of the following helpful items: Farmstead and Main Road Relationships; Psychic Digestion; Sample Congregations, Concentrated and Dispersed, Plus Pearson's Product Moment Correlation Coefficients; Summary of Human Resource Management Legislation; The Universal System



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