Saturday, November 11, 2006

human. all-too-damn-human - by charles hageman frey

I love technology. I love computers, email, fax machines, automatic car washes, ATMs. I love that when I call the electric company I never hear a live human voice. However, it is screwing me. As one advisor said, "He does not have a stellar academic record." Lump into that a lack of an impressive resume also. My interpersonal communication skills are good, or in other words, I give a kick-ass interview. With technology, though, I have a small chance of ever demonstrating my abilities through such interaction. This places me in the precarious position of having no chance to get into grad school or—at the moment—acquiring employment. So I fax 30 resumes a week to jobs that routinely say, "Please, no walk-ins." more..


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