Sunday, October 30, 2005

kali's fodder

it is easy to believe in bottled pain
meaning in a breath

sometimes it is on the skin
shame photons
half legal gravity
sucker fish
and eel swirls

sometimes in the dirtiest corners
frozen to the bowels of conception
the nondescript meets hunger
carbon monoxide
leeches into afternoon
epithets of the sun
explodes throughout the day

the falsified blind believers
and rabble rich
mix in lewd severity
spinning vortex
dust, dirt, splattering grease
feces and fleas

kali's fodder
fatish honeycomb spoil
failed cries of beggars
seditious believers and
a gawking illusion
of those in between
evaporate in mucky greed
in seach of an address

slithering lizard sadhus
morn the limpid waters
the rest
party in the face of folly


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