Wednesday, October 19, 2005


A suicidal driver and a winding mountain road where buses and trucks battle with cows and people and cars! We cancelled our train tickets and left Mt Abu in the AM for Jodhpur by taxi. Is this the only place where you can hire a taxi to drive you 5 hours? This driver could not stand having any vehicle in front of him and took all opportunities to pass even on hills and curves. Needless to say it was not relaxing and the car was not air conditioned so after about 9:30 it became a small oven. We survived and finally arrived at Devi Bhawan, a beautiful oasis on the out skirts of Jodhpur.

After resting briefly we decided to plunge into the market and old city. The guide book warned about the market and the touts and they were right. We did make our own way and walked around a fabulous spice market and bracelet making area before we got totally lost near the base of the fort. Kari got some great photos and we could make another album just of the kids (and adults) that ask us to take their photos. The touts are very slick and will strike up conversations but end up taking you somewhere to see something they want you to buy!

Today we went to the big attraction, the Fort. It was amazing. The current descendant of the Maharaja has started a trust to restore and raise money for the buildings. There was a lovely audio tour (a first in India I think) and it is a truly breathtaking place, with views of the city below; the jumble of houses, mostly painted Krishna blue.

We got to see how the Indian bangle bracelets are made, heated gum from some tree! they twirl it and use a wooden block to shape and size them. Kari got a custom one done.

Tomorrow we head to the Camel Camp at Osian. Desert camping Raj style!



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