Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Mahalaxmi moves
in mumbai nights
walks the street
lounges by the sea
weaves animals
in and out
of every second
by dawn
multiplication tables
increase ten fold
the walking
wake the sleeping
wake the dead
in the dust
that seetles
a golden dawn
fish market for millions
spawn the masses
stir the hungry the begging
fast moving traffic
for sale by the dozen
the millions
mumbai by the bay
every light
on the way
to have to not
to die
in full heat
of a crushing crowd
under the weight
of mumbai
that can never be seen
or had


Blogger redbird said...

The word-sound does well to convince me of the "weight/of mumbai." It is a heavily haunting chant-like poem for me. Confusion and grave truth. Speed and being packed in. The numbers too vast and yet this is said in short lines like one who keeps breathing, counting the breaths, keeps moving through it all.

2:43 PM  

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