Friday, November 18, 2005

where is there here

where is there here
when form is the brim-born thing
already here
being is
must be now
and hereafter

and what is this born form
already here
from here
to here-after

eating red dust
from second to second
where winter is summer
for the uninitiated
for the unexamined
hidden secret fetishes forbidden
censored to maintain
a high court art

but what of your light?
your commerce bi-products?
measured against cost per unit
per unit
per labor
of others cleaning floors
and hauling dirt

reveal something middle
a working ideal
some gray rounded edge

I know little
how to enter
my own slack vessel
let alone
nights holding the masses at bay

which is cream
and what is milk?
What is the matter in this drink?

do you hide your AIDS
and deny death
dieing flesh at birth?

show me word doors
beyond your surface

show me your hollow hidden shelter
away from idol wars of the rich

show me work to burn
my body
where bodies
dare not go


Blogger stan said...

lovely poem kari, I love how a poem like this seems to begin by discovering the world

10:35 AM  
Blogger kari said...


thank you for taking the time... glad you liked it.. and yes, there was an attemp to look as the here now..


11:43 PM  

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