Friday, December 30, 2005

subjunctive rearticulation project

Behind the divided divided, behind enemy lines, beyond the dissolution somewhat nothing phenomena, dividing infinite division eating an infinite division, washing over plasmic arcane subordinate clauses, washing over plasma, washing infinitesimal monstrous possibilities in continuous bi-products, by the dozen, permanent manners, semi-permeate never permanent sorting, sorting wet rocks from the wet, sorting wet rocks from the wet, getting ready to feed the hungry, I am dividing words dividing lines into lines, dividing rose from air, form from air, air from air, a photograph from someone I never knew from someone I will never know, I am dissolving something wasting away, something wet, something rock, lost dissolving per kilo, per kilometer, by the bag, talking to who is talking to who is you, time to see how much whose time is yours, time to see how much time dividing constantly, dividing counting verbal slippage, action theory, a storyline in time, a sign dividing developing, endlessly practicing the practice, cost per million, per head, per gain of sand, a point in case in a point time, production pure and applied, ever purer production, when refined and per-reapplied applied atoms seeking representations, a present re re re re re recast representation, our present representation seemingly recast miss-spoken speaker, speaking seemingly spoken state formations, law production pure and applied, always on time, opposed to those mute struggling, hungry, opposed to those mute, struggling, already buried, binding someone’s re representation to pre-represent rolling clouds of dust, in the middle of a rolling army dust, in the middle of the night, rolling new highways, new ways success is counted, sweetness is success counting, success is counting sweetness, success is counting successes, dividing lies by stains, by distant amorality, driving this and that vehicle to this or that work to build this or that night sky, to bury the dead you put haste into leisure, rang the bell, lay centuries behind, all so well trained, educational priest with advance reprieve, on their knees, removing eyes for truth sake, I open my eyes, I am in India, happening again and again, this is the second happening, happening again and again. mindless frighten twice, trouble getting in trouble going. Something remembers memory’s distortion, remembers a distorted memory, remembers a truth told distortions, told by priest with degrees, again something dissolving a monstrous steaming cosigned, standing in an apparent alphabet, I am standing in my own standpoint, standing in a particular temporal applied something speaking for the instance that is, an instance ignoring the continuous standing points, missing the field, held and lost, recognizing the linking together of linking tighter, held and lost, lost talking standing production thing smiling stabilities, a constant whorl nothing fixed not moving and not, in the light and not, in the lapses, divided constantly dividing the hammering divided constant dividing constant.


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