Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Subjunctive rearticulation project

The complaints keep piling up, I count 12 x 12 x 12 x 12, it is another world world, writing blank blank about blank objects, getting blank complaints about blank x 12 x 12. So, let’s begin with a place, an ideal (not so ideal) place, something ideally ideal, 12 x 12 a place space, static pile-ups, human and non-human merge through detour psychic cartography and non-qualitative personalities; metric objects, by lack of rigor colonization. Interior forms immerge by document worn blank, suffused by 12 x 12 complaints, about blank something ideas or ideals (no so ideal). There are fundamental errors in fundamental human non-human static thought form interchange, core errors in the original statement, in the incapacity, and impotencies, fortifying self limitations, opaque over-payments for import / export convulsions, returning immortality to immediate panic energy surcharges, x 12 x 12. So, blank plies-up, crashes mad hatter into judgment hour, fails to acknowledge the vast two hand machine, the beginning place complaint machine, without the question, “how did narrative happen to produce a normative blank times blank, with a lack of psychic documentation?” Something too non-human, too human emerges, cast darkness to sex, or to the sea or other non-localities x 12. Question marks disappear, trampled by coffin alphabets. So, let’s (not) begin another (not) ideally clean colonized metric object. Let’s get out of blank fortified mythical panic rigor, close in semi-reality reality, both human and non. Let’s create a space place in matter operations of matter something subconscious 12 x12 12 x 12, someplace to bear witness to the slain in a corridor of dead clocks.


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