Thursday, February 23, 2006

I was looking at the ceiling

eyes open eyes
the place
slight end of . . .
this side of . . .
mental thread of . . .
up from
an objective presences
needing watching
to watch the eyes
that surround
the tired sound of
utopias crumbing
crowded hungry
remains of the same
someone engages
with someone
the answers
comes from
an exchange
comes from
a response
a response of
accountable accountability
an always sense of something
reveling everything
concealing nothing
and yet
a secrets remains behind
builds up over time
producing a chill
producing another over time
technique stuck on nothing
a body with no possibly
a production unit
stuck on a blank
body between
and species being
being between the limits of
the early roots of legality
and the later
in a wink of eternity
a laughing here after
an occupation of terror
an earthy shore
narrow dark whispered naked
lost memories
lost in a dream repair
at the slight end of life
that made machines
that drove over the rest


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