Sunday, February 05, 2006

Subjunctive rearticulation project

Do they mean to use only select words, beautiful words, beautiful images, hopeful faces hiding secrets, nothing ugly or distasteful, nothing now suffering now dying, and ideal of pure abstraction, products of very high quality, advertised world wide, once in a life time, enjoyment for the truly embodied, economically organic states of consciousness. Using careful methods to reduce language, cut word usage in half, letting the outside fade away. No trace, just a gestural surface asking for more, undulating half full of a desire for a grainy eternity. Growing red tail lights, float dark, placed along nothing hands from a trickle of miles, creeps along outside, fades to blank. Nothing left to haunt the present, no traffic of exploitation, only beautiful images without an idiom, an idiom without spirit, something about the rest of us no longer exists, cut out, wiped away, unregistered victims left on a dull line, a pharmokon for a select few.


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