Saturday, February 11, 2006

Subjunctive rearticulation project

Exposed to a potential body, exposed constantly exposed,, broken to bits to prove death is necessary to expose deaths limits. Choosing the most logical answer, someone said, “do not do this.” someone else said, “ do not presume screaming one more time will prove anything.” Will one more time prove, diverted broken bodies to bits, to form another lonesome opinion particle of dust, only to claim another relapse of something between multiple coauthored history and another official displacement, between a counter-sentence and grotesquely misplaced something, measured in the name of good, blown to bits to prove, wounded by bullets, disfigured by rumor, crippled by falling lies, in a state of the state of euthanasia, choosing the most logical question to prove, what is the correct program? What is the correct proportion of rice? And what is that something between portion and program? what is that something plies in vain, tears in what suits assumption’s days of days of moods and modulations, linked to fantasies hidden blindness, full of strife and bitter endings? What is a body that can be a body not constantly exposed, blown to bits?


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