Tuesday, February 28, 2006

sucking air

walking up after walking up after
an artificial anti-depressive smile
walks up individually wrapped cheese
individually walking up
freezing not unlike a lisp
stammering and stuttering to stay warm
uncountried constantly under flag
freezing trying to walkup
flanked blanked out by
heads in cars
bodies in malls
stammering house moments
stretched form from here to
freezing next to the next next individually wrapped
ignored historical fragments
next to doritos nacho cheese
and cool ranch next to
... doritos reduced fat nacho cheesier
flavored next to the natural white nacho cheese
next to a newer
50 kinds of frozen fragments
frozen for more time
more cheese
hermetically sealed
barley warm
badly blurred homeless
positions away from action
liberally liberal words away from form
not there articles on freezing
but word boxes
fill in the blank
not so much capital
crumbling cracking walls
for a bigger broader coalition
sucking wounds
crumbling walls
sucking air
frozen individually wrapped
the empire continues
stretches meaning
the stupidity of what happens
again in time
frozen individually wrapped
next to a newer call for sucking words
individually wrapped next to
sucking air and froozen cheese


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