Friday, February 24, 2006

Through eyelids gritty from weariness

meandering through perhaps
excruciating, extraordinary, decentering,
biting reminders of dust
personality encroachments
hurling clatter branches
suspended distortion
swallowing life's last days
admiring Pleiades
mathematical annulments
matter for one more
something bright
glittering idiot
wanderer to take pity
wanting one more
someone to sit with
one more morning
that comes again
with its
white wall darkness
blood glass distortions
successive projectiles
burning real assumed
superior nothing
leaking, living, touching
like leather because
self conscious real
with a real ending dead
goes, someone loves someone
there is impartial praying
for one last
I have been a rational
excrete within
a thriving preface
citizen of a dead-end world
putting up storm windows


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