Thursday, March 02, 2006

doG ply

I am nt wrting out thsi
our that
pre tending
linking cool
word playfl word
melting minus a vowel
mins a limb
minus a touguge
mercery posioning
DDT thrid word
bolted atomc stomic
med ium cool
wood words play plywood
slab of meat
unity slabs
breathing living consuming
stuffed potential
word play
writing now
words write themselves
writes the self writes the word
speaking withot a hand
stearing the whall
my head on the trigger
medium cool
the cannd languge
premiered plastic
self indigent vowels
rnings down
looks for the crct sht shift
lets gt serious
this is poety
the nessesity belongs to
the humor belongs to
returns to the
lets get some oppiostee blink
the law belongs to the blink
fantasy fortrss
frezzing fesstering
leave it to to the word
to blink
to repreoduce
the word sound simulcra
late starvation
press the mute
multi-lateral puss
broaday aestheis amnesia
bordom lyicaal
fashum fasist machine
happy dogs
blazing inn gun play
dog sysmbos
happy dogs
blazing inn gun play
dog vowels
happy dogs
blazing inn gun play
dog words
burning in word


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