Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Don't let them touch me

there in the hand holding back together
where the means of expression lacks organ modulation
unease, menace and terror infuse
and the pill undoes any feverish vision
trapped between four wall rules and the sun
do we even know the desperately weeping clenched fist
confused by ardor and penned-up animals
surprise at dawns ready meals
the deliberate frank gaze of heart
was to have a personal reference
the form I found impossible
impossible to stomach
sane approval of protest
impossible to sit by
in comfortable funny words
amerika have you no stomach for your self?
amerika again you have constructed barbarians at the door
so despicable they make the evening news. . . .

and this goes on for pages
nothing but flow of tears
no aro bats with c’s
trying to catch everything from
a falling potential law suite

so, do not forget to pick up your dry cleaning
take a cruse on darwin discovers survival
and fear the fear of the fear
of the attack of fear

oh my, oh me
hiddy hiddy hoe
hiddy hiddy hi
we’re going to war
we never stopped going to war
we were never at war
this is the face of
voice lessons, video.com,
veggie bugger over easy
peanut butter and jelly curry
pop cult tour world wide
beard of you like
cake is better


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