Thursday, April 06, 2006

Allan Kaprow 1927-2006

From Jerome Rothenberg (Buf. poetics list)

The following brief notice - from David Antin and the family of Allan Kaprow - announces the death of our longtime friend and neighbor:

"Today Allan Kaprow, Master of the Happening, the radical artist whose work transformed the nature of art making forever, died peacefully in his home in Encinitas, California. Beginning as a painter, his work from the late fifties and early sixties, his spectacular and theatrical environments and performance pieces, overran the capacities of galleries and museums, as his increasingly austere psychological and spiritual pieces from the seventies on managed to elude all but the eager audiences who increasingly became participants and collaborators in the work.  He leaves behind his wife Coryl and son Bram, and Anton, Amy and Marisa, his children with his former wife Vaughan Rachel."

Allan Kaprow
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