Friday, April 28, 2006

for those not fancily financed fruitfully furnished enough for textural visitation location rights to be copied on a cheap imitation automaton, in some dusty road slop this side of no other choice but a thing.

and at any time, anything can be anyone's because thing, because someone says something, whether locomotive intellectualism or dialectic sponsorship, and things being things need to be replaced, refitted or destroyed.

the system of the mind needs to be cleaned, given an organ extension pseudonym, become an alternatives eating change of heart.

a cry of repulsion hung around the neck of the desperate, willing to do anything to remove the thing.

a night assassination, surgery of desolate dysfunction.

something must be done for the intolerable, perhaps inert situation.

guns are bought and sold, psychology is in vogue.

an itch becomes cluster words that turn into a condensed compound.

arrest are made that becomes an extraction, extraction become popular preemptive incursion, becomes full frontal assimilation against transgressive caustic, exponential sequence of intolerable thingness everywhere.


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