Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jeanette Winterson


So what are we going to do about climate change?

I think we can all cut back on the carbon, but without serious muscle from government, if may not be enough.

So what can we do each one of us? Here is my list:

Low Energy light bulbs – they really do work. The ones I fitted two years ago are still burning brightly. The ordinary ones just blow and blow, and when you read the box, they are all D RATED of worse!

Eco appliances. There are now double A rated fridges, freezes, washers, driers, and for not much more money, you can save a lot of electricity. Upgrade as you go. I have just done the freezer, and it now consumes half the power of the old one, which was taken away by the Council for recycling. We need to lobby Government to take VAT off such appliances, as an incentive to buy them. 

If you are an American, you could consider a SMALLER fridge/freezer, which I know is like asking Barbie to give up wearing PINK, but we have to try.

Turning things OFF seems amazingly efficient – the stand-by and remote are killer carbonisers, so stop using the juice when you don’t need to use it. Everything OFF than can be OFF, is OK. more...

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