Wednesday, April 12, 2006

who is who

so and so presents so and so to the rest, minutes pass before who is who knows who is talking about who in the act of what who can say?

so it’s so, so and so was this and they changed their mind, letting this be this and that, being that such as thus, this being two and half miles and that, a general disagreement.

how much for the number and how many equal images used or attached?

half air, the other’s say, the other, an agenda cost over run, something to keep the cows out and fissures in the sky at bay.

but the question remains, a modest proposal, number one item on the agenda.

a victory would gravely jeopardize political morals deeply effecting policy, they all chant.

it is necessary to reestablish long term goals for family values, based on particular ideological distribution factors.

so and so, who is new decides they might be massacred, with draws any questions, and leaves the party.

who is next to who is who, presents the next question, which is isolated and destroyed.


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