Sunday, April 16, 2006

Nobodies question

Strapped in the real constructed real by abundant lush staging, with almost no anywhere seemingly available. Erected on and surrounded by someone’s living wage, someone’s nationalistic deity worship, someone’s 401k, all neatly encased in smoke and mirror suburbia.

In slow organic rain, actual endless cyclones, heat of science with fictional bodies boiling to salt.

Acomfort inclined and limited or
a comfort inclined and mechanical.

Both pleasant bondage with limited play; asphalt orphans, swaddled and wrapped in replanted idealism; or asphalt orphans, swaddled and wrapped in replanted idealism, in single theme literature, in one glance god purpose, because someone’s god is a state narrative asphyxiation, broken by commerce, they decide what genres is phantom and what is ambivalent expenditure.


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