Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kevin Killian - from ACTION KYLIE

Work is a disaster

Treacle drips from the cherry tree beyond my window pane

slow fumes of treacle

My little nephew in the Persian Gulf says

War is a disaster, my heart is beating faster

Slick in a white uniform, his head shaved, the top of his head a white ball

Oh! Nicole Bush, work is a disaster, I needed that Xanax

just to get me through the day of new job for internet

start-up, I called my own number saying, I am doctor Kevin Killian

Please give me white tablet in Lucky Nineteen, my uniform

as the nightmare begins in nation, starts up sharp DVD click

I’m listening, glistening, late for the disaster

And driving to prescription

My mom will have conniptions

I’m good like that

I can speak for US Navy, and my boys will come and save me

Sans souci, but I need to get my mouth round that Xanax

it helps me with my panics

It’s good like that

The news is like a hairline

receding on the airline more...


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