Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Unvert Manifesto by Jack Spicer

1. An unvert is neither an invert or an outvert, a pervert or a convert, an introvert or a retrovert. An unvert chooses to have no place to turn.

2. One should always masturbate on street corners.

3. Unversion is the attempt to make the sexual act as rare as a rosepetal. It consists of linking the sexual with the greatest cosmic force in the universe - Nonsense, or as we prefer to call it, MERTZ.

4. Sex should be a frightening experience like a dirty joke or an angel.

5. Dirty jokes and angels should be frightening experiences.

6. An unvert must not be homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, or autosexual. He must be metasexual. He must enjoy going to bed with his own tears.

7. Mertz!

8. All the universe is laughing at you.

9. Poetry, painting, and cocksucking are all attempts of the unvert to make God laugh.

10. The larger the Dada, the bigger the hole.more...


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