Sunday, July 23, 2006

Anarchist poem by John Cage

"We don't need government

We need utilities.

Air, water, energy 

Travel and communication means 

Food and shelter.

We have no need for imaginary mountain ranges 

Between separate nations.

We can make tunnels through the real ones.

Nor do we have any need for the continuing division of people 

Into those who have what they need 

And those who don't.

Both Fuller and Marshal McLuhan 

Knew, furthermore 

That work is now obsolete. 

We have invented machines to do it for us.

Now that we have no need to do anything 

What shall we do?

Looking at Fuller's geodesic world map 

We see that the Earth is a single island, Oahu. 

We must give all the people all they need to live 

In any way they wish.

Our present laws protect the rich from the poor.

If there are to be laws, we need ones that 

Begin with the acceptance of poverty as a way of life.

We must make the world safe for poverty Without dependence on government."

Found at The Anarchist Library


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