Thursday, August 10, 2006

thank you we have found something else, we have found another contender
thank you for yelling in the street at that nothing in the street, yelling back
thank you for keeping going no matter what, just to replace the other thing that keeps going
thank you for your cement entry with its toll both simile
and how could I forget sequin gowns fashion sales for fashionable anorexia
and thank you for your tips on thank you letters to you know who
and thank you for your hundred buck generosity
for the department of defense’s new campaign, “amerika supports you”
with its clarity disconnect grande ole gospel
so, thank you for your good intention pavement to lead our way
on either or flagrant paradise new skin desire
better or worse sex money
and I am so so grateful for surround-a-sound traffic resurrection 3-d
long lasting official monitor statistics preoccupied choice options
thank you again for bringing the earth down to the earth with your action hero/n
anticipation new season of new characters
and without saying saying, how could I not mention the public dream director’s
personalized news selector at all you want just me dot com
so thank you again and again for the quick turnaround on my order
shedding light on teeth whiteners and the practice of teeth whitening
I feel like I have an ever lasting love video hung around my neck
I have never felt better than before I meet you


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