Monday, October 09, 2006

Submission Deadline for DISASTER3: November 15, 2006

a journal of visual art, experimental poetics and radical politics

DISASTER accepts: Text: send hard copy or e-mail attachments Multiples: send handmade or mass-produced multiples in editions of 100 Black and White Artwork: send originals for xeroxing or send digital files of black and white artwork for printout and xeroxing

For all contributions, include: your name, mailing address, titles and layout instruction (if any)

Size of journal pages: roughly 8.5 x 11inches or folded pieces

Notes on xerox: Xeroxes will deviate from the media they copy; xeroxing will yield grainy quality especially in grayscale areas. Disaster is produced with low-tech printers and xerox machines

Notes on formatting: Poems and text works may be slightly reformatted, unless otherwise specified by the author

Notes on theme: DISASTER can be addressed in many ways: as a formal inquiry, a political statement, a personal incident, deadly, a memorial, sometimes with humor

DISASTER3 will grow to an edition of 100 copies in order to accommodate increased participation!
Submission deadline for DISASTER3: November 10, 2006
Send to Marcus Civin 3607 Pacific Avenue #4 Marina Del Rey CA 90292

Contributors may participate repeatedly. As of yet, DISASTER does not have a
web page. DISASTER is free.

Past contributors: William Allegrezza, Amy Barkow, Dawn Blackman, Fran Blau, Amanda Bornstein, Taylor Brady, Joshua Churchill, Marcus Civin, Tyler Denmead, Johnny Dismal, Alan Duke, kari edwards, Ashlee Ferlito with Chris Vick, Maggie Foster, Molly Gage, Rob Halpern, Julia Hyde, Tanya Hollis, Arnold J. Kemp, Wendy Kramer, Josephy Lease, Joan MacDonald, Amanda Schweizer, J.W. Schweizer, Eleni Stecopoulos, Nico Vassilakis, Hannah Wade, Robert Worthy, Sonya Worthy

DISASTER1 and DISASTER2 have been archived in the University of Buffalo Poetics Collection. All the extra copies have been distributed. To view a copy, contact Marcus Civin.

Marcus Civin organizes DISASTER. Marcus is an MFA student at UC Irvine in Studio Art. His War and Peace transcriptions are included in "Many Happy Returns", a group show at High Energy Constructs Los Angeles opening October 21.


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