Saturday, October 15, 2005

from Ahmedabad to Mt. Abu

lo,I am weary of wisdom
weary of 26 blends
from hot to frigid
weary of this rush
to oblivion
selling whatever
you will never
and still
there is more
26 upper respiratory
casualty rates
per hundred

lo, this cup is empty
and it is again
beast of burden
head on
with information
more than fiction

the fall of feet
ringeth to hollow
hooves worn down in silent
does no one know
humans rules
alone they killed
their deities
for a party platter

Confession about
hamburgers and hot dogs
wain in shades of race
disguised benevolence
empty rituals
indeed where ever you are
is another more of less
spice and local syntax
choking dog show
will to sell
with one hand to feed the poor
another condemns them as wretched

oh mighty killer of breeds
castor oil of all
nonprofitable to death
let your servants rise up
and never
serve butter and jam

let television ruminations
wake in its
open sewers created by
international repartee

where is there
here from
nights torn
slightly smudged
dizzy camps
middle class
from here to the next
squat toilet
first flame then ash
morning chant with
soft serve ice cream
it is wonder land
cell phone photos
jurisprudence religious museums
and public toilets

oh all holy product
just call me immoral
consumer of the perishable
escaping urban insanity
to concentrate on shopping


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