Saturday, October 15, 2005

So here is the latest.. We are in Mt. Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan. It is also a pilgramige town as there is a renown cluster of Jain Temples here. There is a man made lake and a wild life preserve as well. There is also plenty of shopping and eating here. Kari is re-doing her wardrobe...

We arrived here after two days in the north of Gujurat where we saw the Surya Temple at Modhera, the amazing step wells in Amedabad and Patan. We stayed at a Heritage Property home stay in Danta with the descendants of the ruler of the area. They have a palace (two actually) and have created a guest house with four rooms. They were wonderful hosts and showed us their stables, dairy, farm and wild life preserve as well as the high school they founded and accompanied us to a fabulous carved sandstone Jain Temple in the area. We arrived at the end of a festival, Dushera, and went with them for the final ceremony at the old palace. It was a terrific time.



book request!!!!

while staying in Danta with the Singh family, Maharana MahipendraSingh showed us the school he started with others in the area forchildren, 8-12th grade, they serve over 2000 students. The fee is 5 Rs for a year for each child. The school teaches the basics; science, arts, math and has a physical education program. They also have a computer lab and a library. The library is small, but has about 4-5 book shelves of books. This library also serves the entire community since there is no library for 80 km.

I asked if they would be interested in books, and Maharana Mahipendra Singh said most definitely. We donated what we had been reading, but they could use more, anything would help, or you could send cash... I have a special request for someone to send The People's History of the United States, by Howard Zinn..

thank you

you can send donations to:

Maharana Mahipendra Singh
School library donation
Bhavani Villa
Dsit, Banaskantha
Gujarat -385120


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