Monday, December 12, 2005

still unlighted

thou swollen divine
sung parasol garden lackings
locks your teleological bacon
through harmony hegemony
hallelujah for undifferentiated faith
hurray for a practical refusal
in your petite civilized
twirling shadow under sky

beginning empty
with accessories
expressing sensitivity
in your personalized liminal disruption
to the pale and shovel
hand hauled agate brigade

forgetting some cling to
flesh lost still on lakes bottom
hoping for last resort

have you forgotten
all your
deliberate vignettes
transcendental recasting
wordless opposition
towards something almost biter
on the brink
replaces an entire
gets gendered
turns white
has object stasis
sounds crucifixion sirens
material reborn

but than again
could be an illusional quality
from that which
knows no contrary
step’s steps
stepping onto
that that
and received the step
stepping and receiving
chunks of real
figuring itself out
limited by the ground
it stands on
vanishing by the day


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