Sunday, January 15, 2006

!!!!!!The Deadline for contributions to Disaster2 is FEBRUARY 15,

Disaster, a new journal of visual art, experimental poetics and radical politics

Size of Journal Pages: roughly 8.5 x 11 inches

Disaster accepts:

+ Multiples: Send handmade or mass-produced multiples in editions of 50

+ Black and White Artwork: Send originals for xeroxing** include address for return OR Send digital files of Black and White Artwork for printout and xeroxing

--> As seen in Disaster 1, **xeroxing will yield a grainy quality in grayscale areas. Some visual art may be deemed too difficult to xerox and publish in Disaster. Visual art should be conceived to accomodate variation from xeroxing. <---

+ Text (poetry, stories, criticism, hybrids): Send hard copy or e-mail attachments

For all contributions, include: your name, mailing address, titles and layout instruction (if any)

Marcus Civin, 3435 Cesar Chavez #334, San Francisco, CA 94110,


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